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Most children don't listen up very well when they are children, can we all agree with that? However their friends will listen and they will tell you that in later life. Trust me here, that has been my experience in life. As a grandmother for a number of years, which by the way has been lots of fun, I can tell you it is meaningfull in more was than you know.

It particularly makes me happy because I can tell you at least my children will admit that I was right about most things. Gratifying especially because I brought them up in a one personn household since they were about the age of eight years old.Being an only child for me didn't leave me much feedback.

As a practicing freelance writer of content and copywriting along with photography most of my work has been in or about publishing in one way or another.

This website is going to be about life coaching as my next step in my professional pathway of a happy lifestyle. That is while helping more people along my pathway of life.

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I'm using my abilities, insights, knowledge and awareness to great benefit in my own life. That is encouriging me more to achieve my dreams, bringing me substantial success and abundance into my life. Using my ability to see and influence people's own energy and hopes and dreams to help hundreds of people world-wide is my goal. It's my intention to assist as many people as possible in clearing their feelings and use my ability to see and influence people's lives to help those who want and need change. Let me know how I can assist you.

Services for You

I have programs that will help. Most of them start a timeframe of four weeks to 12 weeks, whatever you think you can handle. All people have a Personal Energy Field that they use everyday. Including you. Your Personal Energy Field determines...

    What Your Life is Like.
    How Easy Wonderful Things Can Appear Into Your Life.
    How Successfully You Create Your Life.
    If You Are Living A Life You Love.
    There is Actually Empiracle, Academic, and Scientific Research To Back This Up.

Dr David Hawkins wrote about it in his book, Power vs. Force. He clarified in a chart exactly what I see in my practice in sessions. I could determine if somebody was going to create a life they enjoyed or not - just by observing their energetic fields.

Helping people clear their negative thought patterns is what ultimately helps you to change your behavior. Why, because you can change your level of personal energy field on a moment to moment basis. You alone have that control,that power and no one else, it's called empowerment. You have the power to get what ever you want and need into your life. But,it's up to you to do it! Why, because no one else can do that except you.

Because I am a healer there are times when I can actually feel your energy vibrations when we shake hands. I can see it on your face, how you hold your body, and how you speak to me.

When working with clients I focus on your results and what's really going on in your life. More is coming, Thank you for reading this far.

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